Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hardwood finally finished!!

The hardwood installer came back and finished the hallway hardwood!

Here's the before photo - with the old carpet in the hallway:

And here's the lovely finished hallway!!!

This is the "before" shot -  looking down the hallway from the living room - the hardwood stopped about 4" shy of the carpeted hallway due to the threshold.

In order to finish it properly, they had to remove some of the existing flooring and add back in the proper lengths, all the way flush with the perpendicular hallway. 

The flooring is exactly the same - natural oak - and within a few months, the new boards will have "yellowed" and will eventually match perfectly.  I'm very pleased with my new hallway!!

Monday, October 24, 2016


Forgot to post this pretty picture of kites flying at Nags Head....they sure do make some crazy complicated kites these days!!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Trip to Nags Head

We flew to Manteo to meet up with Sharon and Buddy for a long weekend! 

They picked us up at the Dare County Airport - our big beach house was one row from the beach in Nags Head.

We went for a drive  stopped at Kill Devil Hills for a bit of walking up Jockey's Ridge!  We were surprised that there was standing water - must have been left over from Hurricane Matthew.

 Saw some folks taking hang-gliding lessons.  Looks like fun but a lot of work, hiking back up the hill to do it again!

Nice walk thru some shallow ponds and up the big dunes!

Beautiful views - looking towards the ocean.  Doesn't look very high does it?  Hard to get the perspective with my little camera.

And looking the other way toward the sound.

Fun to watch a family - the kids had hiked up the dune, faithfully carrying their discs/boogie boards....the all tried to slide down the hill - but got nowhere!  It just wasn't steep enough - or their discs weren't slick enough, I don't know.

And they did what any young kid would do - they tossed the discs aside and rolled all the way down the dune!  They looked like they were having a blast....I got dizzy looking at them!

One night, we played cards....good fun!  (Pretzels were our betting "chips")!

We went to the annual BrewTag "Flying Keg Contest".  For a $25 entry fee, any group could build an "aircraft" that would propel itself and a "pony" keg.  Longest flying craft wins.....each craft was individually lifted onto the scaffold.  The builders were at the top, each tethered to the structure, obeying good OSHA rules!

And each aircraft was pushed/thrown off the top.  This one did pretty good!  It flew about 55 feet and was winning for a while.

Several didn't do so well....note the keg cylinder in the center of the craft.

 This one was a bit sad...they tossed it, but got NO lift..so it just tumbled.

And ended up bent at the bottom - note that it lost it's keg....

 And here is the actual winner - a simple design - it flew 67 feet!  Good, clean fun!

 Off to the beach....a front had come thru and the sea was a bit angry.

We walked out on Jeannette's Pier to see if they were catching anything....

They weren't catching much fish...but this fellow caught a brown pelican!!

They gently hauled the bird out - calmed him/her.  Untangled the line from it's neck!

And gently tossed it back to the sea.

Good as new, a bit shocked!!

Sharon and Jeannine had gone to a local yarn shop.  Sharon brought back 6 skeins of yarn - beautiful stuff!  She coerced us to help her roll it into balls.  I guess we're just nice that way :-)

Here's the beautiful result.  I won't detail the messy knots that we struggled with at times!!

Here is what she is making - a beautiful scarf!

And before you knew it, time to pack up and fly home!!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Another window update

Now for the living room....same setup as the dining room.  

Again, too much white....so I rescued the valance from one of the guest rooms to give this room a little color.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Master Bath Finished

We're finally finished with the master bath update!!

Grout applied to the new border - just regular white unsanded grout to match the original.

Many sequences later of sponging off the excess grout!

Let me remind you of what it looked like "before" 

And here's the "after"!!

And another view "before":

And the "after" shot from that direction:

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Window treatment update

Our window treatments have been untouched since 1995!!  I think it is time for an update!

The "before" shot of the dining room.

Like I said, they really haven't been touched in 20 years....I removed all the complicated structure for the drapes and took down the old two aluminum mini-blinds.  (And patched the holes in the sheetrock!)

I had ordered the blinds online, custom made to fit the large opening.

And the "after" shot.  My original thought was to just have the blind, no other window treatment since that appears to be the current style.  But there was just too much "white" in the room.  So,  I put the original valance back up, at least temporarily.  It was easy since I didn't have to put back all that complicated structure to hold the valance out in "space".

I'm pleased with the more modern effect. Definitely more attractive than the two separate mini-blinds!   I'm planning to paint this room green - and since there will be contrast,  I may be able to take the valance away at that point, or possibly go with a different style.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Partial Hardwood Install

Today the hardwood "expert" arrived....and I really do believe he's the expert!!

First he had to install some underlayment to make it all level.

Then he had to take out some of the existing floor to stagger in the new stuff.

And this is as far as he got!  Unfortunately, our existing boards are not quite straight....so he has to go back to retrieve some sort of jack that will straighten everything out and make sure it aligns perfectly....so, he'll be back tomorrow!!

Monday, October 17, 2016


The installation is taking a bit longer than we expected....but we're just glad we're not doing the work ourselves this time!!!

Our bedroom is done.

Very happy with it!  The carpet feels so nice and thick on bare feet.

They'll be back tomorrow to finish the last couple of stair treads and the hardwood floor in the hallway!